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Life Span of Pugs

Pugs are affectionate, and they love their families. However, they need special care and attention to be happy and healthy. They need to be placed under a routine. They should be cleaned regularly, their nails trimmed and coat brushed. They should be fed with healthy food and be given play time regularly. They should be allowed to rest alone so that they are not stressed or unhappy with you! If you want to learn more about how long do pugs live you can read this post.

how long do pugs live on average

Grooming your pug to keep it healthy and improve its lifespan

1. Cleaning – Your pug looks all cute and cuddly, however, between the folds of its face can lie deadly bacteria and fungi. They can be fatal and reduce the life span of pugs if you are not careful. The face of your pug tends to hold on to saliva, dirt and food. There are other debris that it might pick up while playing in the park. It is crucial for you to take a cotton swab, dip it in warm water and clean the folds of its face. Be careful and make sure the swab does not get into its eyes or mouth. When you are done the cleaning, do not leave the folds wet or damp. Use a dry towel or soft cloth to dry them. This should be done once a week, however, when your pug starts to smell you may do it as often as needed.

2. Brushing – Your pug dog needs regular brushing once or twice a week. There are special brushes for shredding available in the market. You can use them for keeping the coat of your pug clean and healthy. Your pug has sweet little ears however they attract a lot of dirt. Use a special solution to clean off the dirt and debris it gets. The solution had to be squirted into the ears and wiped clean with a cloth. Speak to your veterinarian, and he or she will advise you on the right solution to use for cleaning the ears of your pug.

3. Bathing – Bathe your pug once in every month. Your pug might not smell or be dirty however it is recommended that you clean him or her with a monthly bath. The water in the tub should be shallow enough for your pug to stand. Use a special shampoo for pugs. Rinse your pug well as its facial folds will hold on to soap and shampoo. Once you have completed this rinse, wipe it dry with a soft and clean towel.

Their nails should be trimmed as well. A professional groomer or a vet can do this. If you wish to trim the nails of your pug at home, use special clippers for trimming nails to avoid splitting and cracking. You should cut below the soft portion of the nail called the quick. When you are bathing and cleaning your pet, cover its eyes as they are sensitive. With proper care and treatment, you can improve the life span of pugs and keep it happy and healthy for a long time!


Glass Sliding Dog Doors- The Best Sliding Dog Door for Your Pet

Your pet often loves to go outdoors for relieving and playing. However, each time it comes to you to open the door and allow it to go out and come in. At times, the process of getting up all the time to allow your pet to come in can be frustrating. It is here you need the presence of a dog door. This dog door will not make your pet happy but you too!

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Pet Doors

Now, when it comes to pet doors, you may be confused on which one is the best. There are so many in the marketplace today. Sliding pet doors for your dog can work wonders for both of you. The sliding pet door is one of the easiest pet doors for you to install. This pet door is a big one and you can rest it on a wall or patio.? Unlike other pet doors, they can be installed and removed easily. In fact, with them, you will never even find out that a pet door was installed there. These doors are popular among renters. There are primarily two variants available in the market for you to choose from. Let us take a look at them-

  1. Semi-permanent: These sliding glass doors are screwed to the frame. They have the traditional hook and latch. They never will work with your existing locks. They come in the market with their own set of locks.
  2. Temporary– These sliding doors use simple locks and the installation has drilling holes at the top and bottom of the door for fixture.

Advantages of glass sliding doors for dogs

The biggest advantage of the glass sliding door for dogs is that they come with insulation. They are better than the cut and flap doors. Pets love them and you also will find these doors adding to the décor of your home. For the best sliding door dog door, you should always ensure you make the purchase from a reputed dealer. The quality of the door should be good. Glass sliding doors are slightly expensive than the normal doors for pets but they are worth the investment.

Give your pet the freedom it deserves

When you invest in pet doors, you must ensure that the measurements are taken correctly. Calling in experts of pet doors help! Ask them to come over to your home and check the specifications. They will also give you the estimates and quote of installation.? The investment for a pet door should be made only once. Your pet will grow and so ensure that the door will last for a long time and not become small in the future. There are many variants of glass sliding door designs and patterns. You can rely on a credible manufacturer and find the perfect door for your budget and pet.

Therefore, investing in a sliding glass pet door is a great investment. Your dog no longer will trouble you from going outside and coming in. Both of you will be and remain happy forever!


Pet Doors – Care and Independence for Your Pet

Pet doors serve a lot of utility to pets when their owners are out for an extended period of time. Having pet doors will provide your pet more liberty to come out and enter your home. Moreover, you put an end to the tiresome task of opening your door every time your beloved pet wishes to come in or go out. The pet doors designed in the market today are durable and allow easy access for your pet. The homeowner also receives benefits as having pet doors means you will have lesser chances of litter, scratched furniture and frequent trips to go out with your pet in the night.

Pet doors and home security

There are several home owners who have a concern of security when they are installing pet doors especially the large ones. This door is of such a size that even a small person can get through them with ease. Moreover, any pet door in Australia if not secure will be an open invitation for robbers to come and steal. This means when you are choosing a pet door, you must ensure that your home is safe and sound from intruders and your pet gets easy access to the backyard. The pet dog for large pets is fashioned for their size and you do not have to go overboard with them for your dogs to pass through.

Placement and installation

The large doors for your pet are often placed on the backdoor of your home. This door enters directly into your backyard that is relatively safer as criminal elements will not search for it here. In case you do not have a yard that is fenced, you must ensure that the pet door is not placed in a door that is overlooking the road or even evident along it. It is feasible for you to set up a pet door against a wall or a window. When you are installing large pet doors for your pet, ensure that you place it on the door itself. In case the pet door is too high, this again will be an open invitation for a robber to stretch his arm and attempt to unbolt the door. It is prudent for you to install the pet door at least 2 inches from the bottom of your doorway.

Training for your pet to use the pet door

Once the door is installed, your pet requires some training on how to use the door. You will have to show your pets on how to shove the flap with their paws or head and get pass the door. You should also teach them on how to use the pet door for relief so that they do not have to scratch walls and doors to catch your attention all the time to get out. Once your pet is comfortable with the operation of the pet door, it can come and go as it pleases without hassles at all. Since the pet doors will have access to your backyard, you should keep a large mat so that the dirt and mud stuck to the paws of your pet will not get inside the house.

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